Hi, my name's Paco!

If you click on the pictures you can see a big image of me.

Hi, my name is Paco and I am a Siberian Husky.

I know how to sit and "down" and "off" and "wait" and point (ok, I only point when I'm chasing squirrels) and I'm great at getting in and out of cars (see me in my doggy seat-belt)! Heh heh, actually I know a whole lot more but I'm holding out because that's what we sibes do! I just pretend to not know the commands, until it suits me to perform. Don't tell mom and dad... they're bound to figure it out soon!

I'm also a quick learner. First I learned how to use my doggie-door in record time. Now that was a contraption I'd never seen before. What a cool invention! I can sneak into the airconditioned room when I want, and go play in the yard when I want, ahhhhhh. What a life! And next mom and dad are going to teach me some agility . I think I'll be quite good at it.

Big news!!! I got a new little brother. His name is Cisco. He's a lot of fun to chase around the yard -- but he needs some work on learning all the tricks and working dog activities I can do.

Paco's Activities Index...

I do "team carting" with my little brother, Cisco -- this is a working sibe's dream come true.

I've got a great hobby called "carting". Check me out in my cart -- it's a working dog's dream come true! I've do carting practice and hang out with the guys from the Capital Canine Carting Club.

Checkout our Summer'99 trip to the rockies! Hiking in the mountains, now that's a vacation!!!

I'm the only Paco in the list of 1800 sled dog names

My name will be in the Guinness Book of World Records for participating in the Mighty Texas Dog Walk. Perhaps you saw my picture on the news?

Guess what!?! Mom and dad took me hiking in the Rocky mountains and I loved it! Look at me trying on my backpack (they didn't take a camera on hikes so you get to see me prepare at home)! Aren't I just adorable?

I'm also big into worthy causes. For example, I get my mom and dad to recycle my fur for Siberian rescue! They've always got a good bag going. Also mom and dad have joined Capitol of Texas Siberian Husky Club , a bunch of cool people we hang out with. At Christmastime we get to be in local parades. See us last year practicing for the Georgetown Stroll where 10 of us sibes pulled this sled with Santa inside! It was way cool (too bad we didn't have any cameramen working at the actual parade, all ya get to see if practice runs). Here we are at the start of the practice. Look how I'm ready to GO! Wheeee, I'm the lead dog! Whoa, how do you turn this thing? Good thing they put the smartest pup in front! (that would be me). Coming down the home stretch dad gives me a head-pat for a job well done. Phew, what fun!

Later y'all (I'm a Texan), I've got squirrels to chase...


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