Paco & Cisco Team Carting

Welcome to the Paco and Cisco Team Carting page. We are a couple of fun-loving Siberian Huskies who *love* to work. wooooooooo a sibe's dream come true.

After carting solo to learn the ropes, we decided to join forces and create a real team. We can haul over 100 pounds now, once Cisco buffs up a little more, we'll be pulling 500+...

That is our musher (aka dad) and haul weight (aka mom) in the pictures with us. Notice the leash the musher has attached to the cart and himself -- that's so that he can try to keep up with us when we really get trucking.

Come along for a tour...
Here we are at the start -- notice the smiles -- we *love* to work and we are *ready* to go!
Enough with the introductions... let's get going!
Forward at last ... come'on dad, pick up the pace
..and turn..
and we're outta here, bye...