Cisco the Siberian Husky

Hi, my name is 'Cisco.' I'm a 1.5 year old, playful Siberian Husky who just found a new home in Austin, TX.

I was a siberian rescue before finding my new home. I was being well taken care of at Bill Skinner's New World Sled Dog Rescue in Cibolo, TX. It was like "doggie camp" there, lots of malamutes and siberians like myself that either got a rough start to life or got lost and need a new home. But, Bill takes great care of all of us while we await a new loving home!! And what a great home I've found!!!!

Here's a picture of me at my new home playing with my new big brother Paco. Paco is a lot of fun (even though he tries to put my in my place and show me he is the 'alpha'). He does a lot (you should check out all the activities he does on his web page!). I'm trying to catch up in activities, but Paco knows soooo much, who knows when I'll catch up ;-)

Cisco's Activities Index...

I go "team carting" with my big brother, Paco -- this is a working sibe's dream come true, boy have I put on the muscle since I've started carting!

Checkout our Summer'99 trip to the rockies! Hiking in the mountains, now that's a vacation!!!

My first "big activity". in Austin was to take part in the Mighty Texas Dog Walk. We set a world record!

I love my new family! Here's Paco and I getting some quality belly rubs from dad!

Guess what!?!?! My mom and dad got a new Jeep Grand Cherokee. We couldn't fit Paco, myself, and stuff in our old Jeep Wrangler, so we got a new spacious grand cherokee. Note the view from the back -- Paco and I sit back there on the colorful Mexican blanket.

Boy this place wears you out!!! We go walking, running, playing, and just plain continuously exercising. A siberian's dream come true!