December 2007 Sled Excursions

  1. Dec 25th: Hills, speed, fun!
  2. Dec 8th: Max's first full sledding

Dec 25th Sledding Fun

It's all "clicking" now, the puppy is a sleddog!

Cisco & Max take on a serious incline

Coming back down the incline - what goes up must come down FAST!

Left turn - BRAKES, BRAKES!!!

Solo Max - this kid can fly

Paco & Max's first dual hookup - can the puppy keep it under control and go Paco's pace?

Perfect - Paco & Max in stride...

Dec 8th Sledding Fun

Ready to Go. This is gonna be fun!!!

And we are off, everyone follow Paco. go go go...

Paco is a little too old for extreme speed, but Cisco and Max can FLY

What next? Faster? Further? MORE???